September 23, 2021: Meeting with members of the delegation who visited Japan with former Slovak President Ivan Gašparovič in 2012

   In June 2012, a trade delegation accompanied the then President Ivan Gašparovič on his trip to Japan. At my invitation, its members have now met for dinner at my residence.
   After returning from Japan, the members of this delegation met regularly with President Gašparovič and often invited the ambassadors of Japan to the Slovak Republic to their meetings in order to continue activities aimed at deepening friendship between the Slovak Republic and Japan. I have been invited to such meetings several times since taking office last year, but plans have always been thwarted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The meeting at the residence was his first.
   The delegation visited Japan almost ten years ago, but even after such a long time, I was amazed by the strength of the memories of each of its members present and their deep relationship with Japan they built. Even now, they identified as "Friends of Japan" and I felt that I had acquired an interesting ally. Many members of the delegation are still active in various areas of social and economic fields. That evening, they actively discussed business in Slovakia and the possibilities of further deepening trade relations between our countries.