September 8, 2021: Visit of Krupina

   On September 8, I visited the town of Krupina in central Slovakia. In the town of Krupina, sakura trees were planted in front of the town hall last year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Slovak Republic and Japan. The ceremonial unveiling of the memorial plaque was one of the items on my agenda.
   Before the unveiling ceremony, however, I first visited the company BROTHER INDUSTRIES (SLOVAKIA) sro, which supported the planting of sakura. Upon arrival, I was welcomed by plant director Mr. David Lawrence. The company BROTHER INDUSTRIES (SLOVAKIA) sro focuses on the production and refurbishment of toner cartridges for color and black and white laser printers, which it then supplies to consumers not only in Europe but also in Asia. Interestingly, the company can recycle toners.
Subsequently, I was received by the Mayor of Krupina, Ing. Radoslav Vazan and together with the plant director of BROTHER INDUSTRIES (SLOVAKIA) sro David Lawrence revealed the mentioned table at sakura. A total of 31 pieces of sakura were planted in the town, which are enjoyed by Krupinčany in various localities.
   At the end of my visit, I visited the Andrej Sládkovič Grammar School and held a discussion with students on the topic of the Japanese language, script and culture. It is interesting that this school is expanding its offer to teach Japanese. Krupina is a small town in the mountainous part of central Slovakia, and it is therefore encouraging and gratifying that the teaching of Japanese is expanding to the local high school. The Embassy of Japan is currently trying to strengthen its activities aimed at popularizing the study of the Japanese language in Slovakia. I was pleasantly surprised that, despite the fact that the discussion was conducted in English, the students understood its interpretation without any problems and asked questions on topics. I felt that English language training was also at a very good level in this high school.