November 3, 2021: Opening of the photo-exhibition by the Spanish photographer Isabel Muñoz

   By the invitation of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in the Slovak Republic, I participated at the grand opening of the exhibition of photographs by the Spanish photographer, Mrs. Isabel Muñoz.
   You may be wondering what the Ambassador of Japan in the Slovak Republic was looking for at a photo exhibition of a Spanish photographer in Bratislava…
   I'll try to explain. Ms. Muñoz arrived to Japan twenty years ago and captured the natural energy of the human body in her black and white photographs. At the Bratislava exhibition, I had the first opportunity to get acquainted with her work. I felt immense energy from every photography. Of course, since the photos are subject to copyright, I can't publish them on our HP. However, when I looked at them, I felt that they were depicting a world that not even the Japanese themselves often see.
   As Ms. Muñoz herself said when she first saw the buto dance in Japan, she was overwhelmed by the energy radiating from the dancer. When she imagined the natural essential power of Spanish culture (for example, the stunning power of flamenco dance), it seemed to her that they had something explicitly in common. Since then, she has visited Japan repeatedly as a photographer and continues her creative work.
   The meeting with the work of an European photographer inspired by Japan in Bratislava was a very interesting experience for me. The exhibition of photographs by Mrs. Muñoz takes place in Bratislava's Old Town and is open to the public until 22 December.
Poster for the exhibition
Ms. Isabel Muñoz at the opening
of her exhibition (second from right)