October 19, 2021: Participation on the seminar "Innovation Day" organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic

   This month I also took part in the "Innovation Day". This series of events is organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic with the aim of introducing the leading companies of Slovakia to the diplomatic corps. This time we left the Capital City of Bratislava for the first time and traveled to the neighboring Trnava Region.
   First, we visited the Shark.Aero company in Senica, which develops, manufactures and sells ultralight sports aircraft at the airport in Senica, on the northern side of the Little Carpathian Mountains. They produce a unique small aircraft made of glass and carbon fibers and epoxy resins called SHARK UL. The two-seater aircraft is less than 7 meters long and has a wingspan of approximately 8 meters. Tanks with a volume of 100 liters of fuel allow a maximum range of 1600 km. If I remember correctly, the engines are made in Austria. Of interest is the maximum speed of 295 km, which is the most in the world in this class. I have heard that there is large interest in the aircraft and there are trade negotiations with interested parties not only from Europe but also from Asia.
   Subsequently, we crossed the Little Carpathian Mountains to the south and visited the Faculty of Material Technology of the STU based in Trnava. It is a part of the Slovak University of Technology. We visited a university science park consisting of modern classrooms and state-of-the-art laboratories, in which students use 3D scanners, 3D printers, large laser devices, etc. An ion accelerator is also installed in the complex. I understood that the science park is equipped with high-level instruments and technologies. Many come from European support grant schemes. Slovakia has been struggling with the outflow of excellent students abroad. This is a big problem that this faculty is obviously struggling with.
   The last item on the agenda was a meeting and an interview with founder of the ESET Company, Mr. Miroslav Trnka. ESET software company is one of the world-renowned companies originating in Slovakia. ESET began developing and selling antivirus programs in the 1990s. Today, it is known worldwide as a company involved in the development of cyber security systems. I have the impression that Google also uses ESET technology. In Japan, Canon is the partner for sale of ESET products and services. Mr. Trnka, who is also called "Slovak Bill Gates", comes from the Town of Trnava, which has the nickname "Little Rome". He invested considerable funds to preserve the well-known complex of several historic buildings, which are an integral part of the city skyline, and created a new, lively place from them. He is deeply passionate about "regional revitalization" of his hometown.
SHARK UL aircraft by
Excursion to Shark.Aero

Ion accelerator at the Research Center
Of the Faculty of Material Technology
of the STU
Miroslav Trnka, the company's founder
The historic center of Trnava