July 23, 2021: Ambassador Nakagawa's participation at the grand opening of the Olympic Festival in Šamorín

   I attended the opening ceremony of the Olympic Festival at the X-BIONIC Sphere in Šamorín and opened it officially together with the president of the Slovak Olympic and Sport Committee, Mr. Anton Siekel. The festival was organized by Slovak Olympic and Sport Committee in cooperation with a number of partner and sponsorship organizations. Throughout the Tokyo Games, various events will be held here to strengthen the "Olympic mood" in Slovakia. As it was decided that the Tokyo Games will take place without foreign spectators, the festival is a welcoming opportunity for Slovaks who cannot travel to Japan to enjoy the games in Slovakia as best they can. Already at the opening ceremony, many spectators, including families with children, gathered and enjoyed the program, which also included a broadcast from the opening of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The festive torch was lit by brothers Peter and Pavol Hochschorner, former successful Slovak Olympians and multiple gold medalists.
   The extensive sports X-BIONIC Sphere is located near the Danube River and offers a wide range of sports facilities and equipment, from racing to athletics, swimming pools, gyms and accommodation. I was surprised by the size of the campus, which was used for "bubble" training camps for Slovak representatives before their departure at the Tokyo Olympics.