July 21, 2021: COOL JAPAN: Japanese Day at the Children's University of Economics (DEU)

      On July 21, our embassy in cooperation with the University of Economics in Bratislava organized a Japan Day at the DEU, which was attended by 50 children aged 9-15. I opened the "COOL JAPAN" program with a short video and. Subsequently, the children learned all day about life in Japan, its geography, culture, or the reality of business, including practical workshops. Three Japanese companies based in Slovakia (Canon Slovakia s.r.o., Chiyoda Integre Slovakia, s.r.o., Minebea Slovakia s.r.o.) not only actively participated in the program of the day with their presentations, but also provided corresponding T-shirts for the participants. It was a very exciting day, for which we would like to thank sincerely to them and to many volunteers who helped with workshops of go, shogi, Japanese puzzles, origami or kumihimo.