June 22, 2021, afternoon: Visit to Minebea Slovakia and U-Shin Slovakia

     I the afternoon on June 22, I visited two Japanese companies operating in Košice: Minebea Slovakia and U-Shin Slovakia.
     Minebea Slovakia entered the Slovak market as a subsidiary of the Japanese joint-stock company MinebeaMitsumi and in the autumn of 2018 opened its plant in Košice. I inspected its production and research facilities in the company of Mr. Saito, Deputy Director of the European MinebeaMitsumi Group, and Mr. Pastorák, Managing Director of Minebea Slovakia.
     The company is engaged in the production of innovative drive technologies and the production of electronically commutated motors. However, it also places great emphasis on research and development, so the Minebea Development Center (MDCK) is an integral part of it, where it cooperates with various faculties and departments of the Technical University. Thanks to this, the company actively participates in various projects in the field of medicine, robotics, technological development of cities and households. For example, Minebea is developing Smart City projects that result in significant energy savings by controlling street lighting with advanced sensors from Minebea while transmitting information.
     On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of relations between Slovakia and Japan, which we commemorated in 2020, Minebea supported the Blooming Slovakia project and donated one hundred Japanese sakura trees to the City of Košice.
     The plant in Košice has been opened in 2018, so the planned expansion of production lines is currently underway. The same applies to the research and development center. The Slovak government, which seeks a gradual transition from manufacturing to a knowledge-based economy, has high expectations of Minebea in this regard. Therefore I truly expect economic results of Minebea Slovakia to remain positive.
     After visiting Minebea Slovakia, I continued with a visit to U-Shin, its sister company. I was welcomed at the premises of the plant by its Director General, Mr. Kretovič.
     The plant focuses on the automotive industry, in which it is engaged in both production and development and sales. U-Shin is a major producer of locking mechanisms, switches and control units in automobiles.