January 21, 2021: Online lecture at the Ferris University

   On January 21, an online lecture on "Let's get to know about Slovakia" took place at the Ferris University, which has a partnership agreement with the Comenius University in Bratislava. The lecture brought together four venues: Ferris University, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in Tokyo, the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Tokyo and the Embassy of Japan in the Slovak Republic.
   I explained students the importance of studying abroad based on my own experience from childhood and working abroad. I also introduced Slovakia from various perspectives, such as geography, history, culture and the fight against a new type of coronavirus.
   H.E. Ambassador Tomášik and Mr. Šmihula explained them the relations between Japan and the Slovak Republic and introduced the Slovak community in Japan.
   I cannot say that the awareness of Slovakia is high among Japanese students, however, we hope that more Japanese will get to know Slovakia better and decide to come here and study.